Cable Notice to Subscribers


This notice is being provided to you, as a new or existing customer of Caribbean Communications Corp. doing business as Viya Cable TV St. Thomas-St. John or of St. Croix Cable TV, Inc. doing business as Viya Cable TV St. Croix (collectively, the “Company”), in order to provide you with important information regarding your cable television service (“Service”). Other information relating to the products and services which we offer (for example, the prices, options and channel positions of programming services) are provided to you when your Service is installed and/or from time to time by means of a separate notice.


The Company’s cable network and property, including the set-top box, are designed to be safe and reliable for carrying cable television signals. Here are just a few tips to keep it that way:

  1. During severe electrical storms you should unplug your television and cable set-top box to avoid damage. The Company is not responsible for damage that occurs due to acts of nature.
  2. Remember that your set-top box and related equipment operate on electrical power, so take all the precautions that you would for any small appliance – such as checking to see that the cords are not worn or damaged.
  3. For your own safety, do not attempt to open or otherwise tamper with your set-top box.

About Your Set-Top Box. Even if your television is cable compatible or “cable-ready,” you may still need additional equipment to receive secure digital signals or high-definition (HD) television signals that are carried on the cable system. Secure digital signals are services that have been secured by the cable system and are delivered only to those customers who elect to have them as part of their service package. These include movie channels, special events, and other premium service offerings. The set-top box is a tuner/decoder. It receives the cable channel selected by the customer and converts it to a format that can be received by the customer’s television or some other device connected to the television, such as a digital video disc player, digital video recorder, videocassette recorder, streaming media device, computer, gaming console, or similar device (“Connected Device”). This converted signal is usually displayed on the relevant video input on your television or Connected Device; older televisions may need to be tuned to channel 3.

Operating your television after it is connected to the cable television system is easy. Turn on your television and the cable set-top box. Ensure your television is tuned to the proper channel or video input to receive the signals from the set-top box. Select the channel you wish to watch by selecting it on the set-top box using the remote control. To ensure reliable operation, confirm the set-top box is plugged into a power outlet that is not controlled by a light switch. Loss of power to the set-top box may result in a temporary loss of your cable television service

Pay-Per-View. Pay-per-view is for private, in-home viewing only. To order these services, your account must be current. Customers whose accounts have been set up for Pay-Per-View may order this service by calling 340-776-8439 and following the automated instructions. To prevent unauthorized use in your household, you are responsible for setting up a PIN number, Parental Control and Rating preference. The Company will not give credit for the following circumstances: (1) unauthorized use, (2) if you record a Pay-Per-View event or movie and are not present to monitor the recording, (3) if you do not call to report reception problems while the movie or event you ordered is on, (4) or if you do not call to report you did not receive the movie you ordered, while that movie is on.

Installation. You may have the Company install the equipment needed for your Service, or in many cases you may choose to install your own equipment. Please contact us if you need assistance with or have questions about installation. Common configurations for installing your set-top box are set forth below.

How to connect your set-top box to your television using an HDMI connection.

  • Connect the cable from the Company to the CABLE IN port on the set-top box.
  • Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI OUT port on the set-top box to the HDMI IN port of the television.

How to connect your set-top box to your television using video/audio connections.

  • Connect the cable from the Company to CABLE IN port on the set-top box.
  • Connect a video/audio patch cable from the VIDEO/AUDIO OUT ports of the set-top box to the VIDEO/AUDIO IN ports of the television. Match colors of cables: red-to-red, yellow to yellow, etc.)

How to connect your set-top box to your television using the coaxial cable connection.

  • Connect the cable from the Company to CABLE IN port on the set-top box.
  • Connect a cable from the TV/VCR port on the set-top box to the CABLE IN or ANTENNA IN ports on the television.

Installation of your Connected Device can be completed through a variety of different methods depending upon your viewing and recording requirements and the nature of the Connected Device. Common options for installing your Connected Device are described below. However, you should consult your Connected Device’s manual for installation information that is specific to the model of your Connected Device. For assistance with any questions regarding installation, customers may call the local customer service number listed in the “How To Reach Us” section of this notice, which you will find below.

2. CUSTOMER COMPLAINT PROCEDURES. If you have a complaint regarding your Service or your bill, please call the local customer service number listed in the “How To Reach Us” section. You can also visit any of the local business offices at the addresses listed in the “How To Reach Us” section. Alternatively, if you wish to put your complaint in writing, you may do so. Please send your complaint to the Company at the appropriate address listed in the “How To Reach Us” section below (i.e., the St. Thomas address for St. Thomas/St. John complaints and the St. Croix address for St. Croix complaints). We will do our best to resolve your complaint promptly. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will notify you and explain why we are unable to resolve it.

If you are dissatisfied with our resolution of your complaint, or we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may file a written complaint with the Virgin Islands Public Services Commission (“Commission”). Written complaints may be sent by hand delivery, mail or fax, to any of the following Commission offices:

On St. Thomas On St. Croix On St. John
Barbel Plaza

No. 8 Estate Ross

Charlotte Amalie

P.O. Box 40

St. Thomas, VI 00804

Tel: (340) 776-1291

Fax: (340) 774-4971

Sunny Isle Shopping Center

Sunny Isle Professional Building, Suite 1

P.O. Box 7360


St. Croix, VI 00823

Tel: (340) 778-6010

Fax: (340) 778-0302

Battery Building

St. John, VI 00831

Tel: (340) 776-1391

Fax: (340) 776-1391

You may also submit your complaint with the Commission online at the following website: If you use the Commission’s website to submit your complaint, you may submit copies of letters, receipts, cancelled checks, or any other documents that may support your claim to the Commission by hand delivery, mail or fax to any of the Commission offices listed above.

Pursuant to the Virgin Islands Cable Telecommunications Act of 1984, the Commission is required to notify you in writing about its decision about your complaint or the status of your complaint within thirty (30) days of its receipt of your complaint. While your complaint is being handled by the Commission, you must pay amounts of your bill(s) not in dispute or your Service may be terminated by the Company. If you are unhappy with the Commission’s action in connection with your complaint, or if you do not receive the required written notification from the Commission within thirty (30) days of the receipt of your complaint, you may petition the Superior Court of the United States Virgin Islands for a hearing.


3. AVAILABILITY OF SET-TOP BOXES FOR ADDITIONAL TELEVISIONS. Customers who pay for one set-top box and who have other televisions that they wish to attach to the cable system without paying for an additional set-top box may install their own additional receiver connections. However, the additional televisions may not be able to receive all broadcast stations carried on the cable system unless they are digital televisions or, if they are analog televisions, without a digital set-top box. The equipment necessary to receive all broadcast stations carried on the cable system is available for lease or sale from the Company and may be available from retail stores. Instructions for installation of this equipment are also available upon request. Call the local customer service number listed in the “How To Reach Us” section of this notice for complete details.


For a monthly fee, we rent set-top boxes to our customers that will be compatible with the services purchased from us. If you prefer, instead of renting set-top boxes from the Company, you may purchase set-top boxes at electronic stores or other retail outlets in your area.

“Cable Ready.” Some models of televisions and Connected Devices are “cable ready,” meaning that when they are connected directly to cable service, they can receive all unscrambled, non-premium channels without a set-top box. If you are not sure whether your television or Connected Device is “cable ready,” you should review the equipment manual and instructions, or contact the manufacturer.

Special Features and Functions. Because a set-top box functions as the channel tuner, it may prevent you from using some of the special features and functions of your television and/or Connected Devices. For example, you may not be able to: (1) view a program on one channel while simultaneously recording a program on another channel, (2) record two or more consecutive programs that appear on different channels, and (3) use advanced picture generation and display features such as “Picture-in-Picture,” channel review, and other functions that necessitate channel selection. Some of these problems may be resolved by the use of A/B switches, signal splitters, and/or other supplemental equipment that can be purchased from the Company or at retail stores. Please call us if you would like to discuss the type of special equipment needed to resolve individual equipment compatibility problems or if you have any questions regarding other equipment compatibility issues.

In order to enable you to utilize special features that your television or Connected Device may have, we may be able to make available, upon request, equipment which will allow for simultaneous reception of two or more scrambled or encrypted signals and for tuning to alternative channels on a pre-programmed schedule. This equipment could include, for example, set-top boxes and multiple descrambler/decoders and/or timers (or if such devices are not available, multiple set-top devices will be provided), and signal bypass switches.

If You Plan to Purchase Equipment. If you plan to purchase cable services that we scramble or encrypt, such as premium, pay-per-view or digital services, you should make sure that any set-top box or Connected Device that you purchase from a retail outlet and that can receive digital cable services using a CableCARD is compatible with our system. A CableCARD is an additional device that we provide, designed to provide some of the same functionality available with a set-top box. Note that retail devices using CableCARD technology only receive what is known as “one-way” cable services; such devices cannot receive “two-way” cable services, such as video-on-demand.

Remote Control Units. Although we rent remote control units to access set-top box features remotely at a nominal fee, you may purchase compatible remotes at retail stores. A representative list of compatible remote control models currently available from local retailers includes: RCA 5-in-1 Device RCRP05B, RCA 3-in-1 Device RCU703SPN, Phillips Universal 4-in-1 SRP4004/27, Sony 7-in-1 Remote RMVZ320, and RCA 3-in-1 RCR311BIN. Although these remote control units are compatible with the set-top boxes that we currently offer, these remotes may not be functional if we change the type of set-top boxes we offer to subscribers. If you have any questions regarding whether a particular remote control unit is compatible with our equipment, please contact us.


6. HOW TO REACH US. You may contact us either by telephone, in person at our business offices during regular business hours, or in writing. The business offices listed below are open weekdays, except holidays, for customer visits, during the hours indicated:

St. Thomas / St. John Business Office St. Croix Business Office
4611 Tutu Park, Suite 300

St. Thomas, VI 00802-1735

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tel: (340) 777-VIYA (8492)

Fax: (340) 774-6655

Toll-Free Number: (866) 240-2999

4006 Estate Diamond, Christiansted

St. Croix, VI 00820-4436

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tel: (340) 777-VIYA (8492)

Fax: (340) 778-6011

Toll-Free Number: (866) 240-2999